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by OHNaGe at 2:25 PM
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Hey Everyone,

I would like to start off by saying sorry to anyone who felt let down by my computer exploding a little over a month ago. I know a lot of you left right after realizing I was out of commission and I cant blame you for that. It was a good run and I met a lot of amazing people over on Blackdragon Flight and wish you all the best over there. I was going to come back, join a guild and just raid a bit until Legion and see what happens. I honestly had no intention of bringing UnderGround back into WoW because of all the issues that seem to arise with me being able to play. But, when I got back I tried out for about 4-5 mythic raiding guilds and to be honest, I was not impressed. One thing I know everyone can agree with is that UnderGround is a one of a kind place when it comes to community and raiding enviorment. So upon talking to Barboser, Kitty, Griever, Panda, and Delseth I have decided to bring UnderGround into WoW again and do things a bit differently.

Like a lot of...
by OHNaGe at 1:49 PM
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As most of you are aware, WoW wont be back up until 6PM EST which makes our 3-6PM EST raid not able to work. We will continue with our normal raiding times on Wednesday, November 18th at 3PM EST.

I am going to also delay UnderGround raiding on Proudmoore a little bit. There are a few things that have to happen before we can start raiding. I need to get in touch with everyone in-game and see who is coming back as well as figure out my class again. We will also need to recruit a bit on server. I am not going to give an exact day raiding on Proudmoore will start, just know I am eager to get it going but want to ensure we at least have everyone that wants to come back in the guild and ready to go. At that point we will start recruiting and trying to move forward with the Proudmoore raid team as previously planned.

I hope you all understand. I just want to ensure we arnt jumping the gun, raiding with 3 UnderGround members and pugging 95% of our raid.


by OHNaGe at 5:57 AM
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Many of you have heard the rumors and have been asking about this and today I am here to announce that the Lost World is officially OPEN! This is our first Ark: Survival Evolved server and we would like to welcome you, your friends, and anyone in the Ark community to come and make it your home. Below is all the details:

Server Settings
  • Player Cap: 35 (This Will Go Up With Demand)
  • Server Location: Dallas, TX
  • Server Type: PVPVE
  • Max Player Level: 120
  • Max Wild Dino Level: 180
  • Experience: 3x
  • Gathering: 3x
  • Taming: 5x
  • Day/Night: Day 45min / Night 15min
  • 3rd Person: Yes
  • Tribute Downloads: No
  • Player Location On Map: Off
  • Difficulty: 6 - (1 1/2 Higher Then Default Highest)
  • Egg Hatching Speed: 5x
  • Baby Dino Maturation: 10x
  • Player Location On Map: Off

  • ...
by OHNaGe at 2:33 PM
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Long time no talk everyone. I would like to start out by saying I thank everyone who stuck around through this difficult time in UnderGround. I know it hasn't been easy and I know a lot of you have been stuck raiding with people you may not have wanted to. So, with that being said allow me to bring everyone into the fold of the future of UnderGround.

UnderGround now has the start of a core on Blackdragon Flight on the horde side. This team will be raiding Tues/Wed/Thur from 3PM-6PM EST.

UnderGround will start rebuilding on Proudmoore on Tuesday Nov 17th on the alliance side. This raid will be Tues/Wed/Thur from 8PM-11PM EST.

It has been a long road and anyone who wants to come back to UnderGround that may have left during this time is more then welcome to come and continue what we started a...
by OHNaGe at 9:55 AM
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As you may have heard with my long break from WoW me and some of the guys are trying to bring UnderGround into different games and make us a true multi gaming community. The first steps we have taken is creating our own Reign Of Kings server. A DayZ server is coming soon along with 2-3 more Reign Of Kings servers within the very near future. To View information on our new server go to the "About" section and checkout the forum post The Purge Server Rules/Information to read what the server is all about. If anyone has any ideas for other games we could host servers for or anything like that please contact me. Of course, everyone is welcome to come play and have a good time.
by OHNaGe at 8:53 PM
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As most of you have noticed, UnderGround has been hit pretty hard with people quitting wow for a while because of real life things happening. This happens a lot as summer approaches because of school, jobs, family,etc. We have been hit harder then normal because of crazy life circumstances for some of our members and such. As I am sure you have noticed for the past 6 months or so I have stopped removing people who are inactive just for this reason. So anyone who has quit the game for real life things comes back they can decide what direction they want to go and will still be in UnderGround when/if they return. This is of course for people leaving for real life reasons or whatever and have taken a break from a game all together. Everyone knows my stand if someone leaves the guild to pursue other opportunities in game. I feel if they leave us high and dry to go somewhere else in game they are making that decision and leaving us behind, and they will live with that decision and not be...
by OHNaGe at 2:17 PM
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I know this past month or so has been a lot of "whats going on" and a lot has been up in the air in general as far as our raid teams. After combining raid teams we had about 30 members wanting to join a 20 man mythic team so I would like to thank everyone that has shown interest in making UnderGround the best raid team we can be. This past week we went through Heroic and invited ANYONE that wanted to be apart of the progression team to join us. We logged, made notes, and asked everyone this past weekend to vote on who they would like in the official UnderGround progression raid team. Everyone who was in the team was eligible to vote and you not only voted but added your notes, comments, and thoughts as to why it would make a good team.

And I must say, I agree with the numbers as I know most of the seniors and up do as well. Our core team was 100% voted by you guys and the raid team was formed using the number each of you submitted. So, I would like to...
by OHNaGe at 1:31 PM
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If you didn't attend the guild wide meeting that was held on 2/15/2015 then you may not have noticed only one raid posted on the calender for progression. This is because we passed a vote in the meeting that will be consolidating both raid teams into one and to be honest this was a long time coming. We have been trying to recruit and fill up both teams to have a good shot at progressing through end game content but we always seem to be falling short. I'm not sure if this is because there just isn't that many people looking for end game raiding on the server, or if we haven't progressed enough to be appealing to those who take end game raiding seriously. Either way, something had to happen to try and play catch up. With the early raid having to pug a tank, 2 healers, and 5 DPS every single raid and the late team having to try and swap people around to fill tank and healing positions the solution to our problem was obvious, a one team focus is needed. I see ourselves vastly approaching...
by OHNaGe at 11:04 PM
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I would like to quickly remind everyone Core Member & Above to please try and vote on all trial member applications. A LOT of the trial member applications are coming no 30 days in the next couple weeks. All applications at on the members forum under "Trial Member Applications" and anyone Core Member & Above can see these applications. Please ONLY vote "Yes" or "No" if you are 100% sure on your decision & the trial member is in YOUR RAID TEAM. If you are unsure please "Extend the trial period 30 days".

UnderGround requires a 95% attendance rate from our members and anyone who has missed a raid has is posted on their application. Please take these into consideration when voting on trial members. We understand sometimes real life happens but with all the ways you can contact us (Facebook, Website, In Game Mail, Armory App For Mobile) there is no reason you cant let us know and give us a heads up.

With all of that being said some people...
by OHNaGe at 10:20 PM
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With shaky servers and conflicting schedules I would like to firstly congratulate everyone on a good WoD launch. At the time of posting this we have nearly 50 guild members level 100 and are moving fast towards getting everyone where they need to be for raiding ion Dec 2nd.

With that date in mind we need to have everyone lined up, in their positions, and ready to raid Heroically on that date or as close to that date as possible. Ideally we would like to start mythic raiding right when they are released on Dec 9th but this is not a perfect world and this will all depend on how fast we can come together to down the heroic content. I would like to now open recruitment up for not only the remaining spots in WoD but also anyone that would be a positive influence on our community we are trying to create here. Currently our two raids teams are in need of the following;

5PM Raid Team: Although on the books this team is full, we all know what can happen when people start...